Family separations: What we know — and what we don’t

(CNN)For years we’ve been telling the stories of thousands of migrant families that the US government separated.

This week President Biden is expected to announce the creation of a new task force aimed at reuniting parents and children who remain separated.

There are so many troubling details in the stories we do know about the family separations policy and its aftermath. And there are still so many stories that we don’t know yet.

Here’s a recap of how we got here, what we know and what we don’t:

We know…

Alejandro, 13, said he misses his family in Guatemala, but life is far too dangerous back home. But "everything in life costs something. Nothing is easy. And whatever is easy isn't worth it."

We don’t know…

• … where the parents of 611 children are.

• … if they know what happened to their children.

• … whether these families will ever be reunited.

what a new government task force will do about it.

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