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Use-of-force expert testifies that Chauvin’s force against George Floyd was excessive

Rev. Al Sharpton leads a group prayer on Tuesday.
Rev. Al Sharpton leads a group prayer on Tuesday. WCCO

In a news conference held outside the Minneapolis courthouse where the Derek Chauvin trial is taking place, George Floyd family attorney Ben Crump introduced the Floyd family and Rev. Al Sharpton who got together to pray.

Sharpton came to Minneapolis to visit the family after last week’s emotional witness testimony in the death of Floyd, Crump said.

 “They have a whole host of family members having to relive them killing George Floyd over and over again as they sit in the courtroom pursuing justice,” Crump said. “It causes them and many people to suffer P.T.S.D. The fact that it has a psychological mental affect, not just on the family, but on people who are watching television following this trial intensely,” Crump continued.

Crump explained that because Floyd’s family is religious, they pray together and seek leadership from Sharpton, whom they turn to for prayer and guidance “on a regular daily basis.”

Taking the podium Sharpton said that he regularly prays with Floyd’s family in person in Minneapolis and Houston and sometimes on speaker phone, since the reverend delivered the eulogy at Floyd’s funeral last June.

“But after such a tumultuous week of them having to watch that tape over and over, and then listening to the police chief yesterday, I said, no, let’s run out there and have prayer in person,” he added.

Sharpton then proceeded to lead a group of people consisting of Floyd’s family members, Gwen Carr, Eric Garner’s mother, and David Paterson, former New York Governor, in group prayer.

 “We’re going through hard times right now and we need people on our side to help us get through this,” George’s brother, Philonise said. “We’re going to get through this. But one thing I can tell: Me and Ms. Gwen Carr, after we get the verdict and we get this conviction, we’ll be able to breathe.”


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