We need to proceed with hope and caution 

All the talk now is of reopening. We all want it. The Government wants it and has given us the plan. Nobody can fully predict what might happen next, but the easing of restrictions is to be welcomed after the difficult few months we’ve been through together. Hopefully we’ve learnt how to make things as safe as we can, observing public health guidelines. We know that risks still prevail because the virus is still among us and has become more transmissible. We must continue to avoid the three Cs — Crowds, Closed spaces and Close contact — especially if all three of these are happening. The main variant in Ireland, the B117/UK variant, is at least 40pc more transmissible. This means we need to ensure more than ever that public health guidelines are followed because they will have an impact on the spread of any variant. 

e also know how to mitigate against spread indoors: ensure there’s good ventilation and limited numbers, wearing a mask when we can. We need to keep things outdoors as much as possible as that is a highly effective mitigator. These measures work and we must try to keep observing them in these next few months.

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Written by bourbiza

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