How to convert Valorant sensitivity to Call of Duty: Warzone

For FPS gamers, mouse sensitivity is most important to become better at the game. Factors like DPI scoped sensitivity, among other mouse settings, significantly impact someone’s performance in-game.

Sometimes, users love to try other games in the same genre for a change. But it becomes difficult when they fail to find the correct sensitivity in the new title, which decreases the experience in the game as well.

Since its release last year, Valorant has been one of the most popular FPS games. Activision also released Call of Duty: Warzone the previous year, which became immensely popular among gamers.

Some players have had difficulties converting their Valorant sensitivity to Warzone, but this article will give them a clear idea.

Valorant sensitivity to Call of Duty: Warzone using a formula/website

To convert Valorant sensitivity into Call of Duty: Warzone, players can use a formula, which states that the former divided by 10.59 is the latter’s sensitivity.

Players can also head to the AIMING.PRO site where they will find a mouse sensitivity calculator. They just need to provide their in-game sensitivity and mouse DPI, and the calculator will convert it to another game’s sensitivity.

Sensitivity conversion: Valorant to COD Warzone in AIMING.PRO
Sensitivity conversion: Valorant to COD Warzone in AIMING.PRO

With this, players can convert the sensitivity of any game to another.

Difference between Valorant and Call of Duty: Warzone

These games are entirely different. Valorant is a first-person shooter where players have 13 rounds to attack and defend their side using sharp gunplay and tactical abilities.

Call of Duty: Warzone is a battle royale game that is all about surviving till the end by eliminating all the enemies. Players have to possess both survival and gun skills to claim victory.

One thing that is important in both games is the players’ aim. A lot of practice is needed to improve this aspect, apart from reflexes and skills.

However, to improve their aim, players need to know their perfect sensitivity as well.

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