After Fortnite, Valorant next as Ninja Time In roster

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins recently announced on his stream that he would be stepping away from professional Valorant to pursue other interests.

The globally renowned streamer spoke at length about his decision to step away from the Valorant roster of Time In. Ninja revealed that various real-life opportunities and the growth of his brand are getting affected due to his commitments as a pro.

However, this is not Ninja’s first time quitting a game. The American is known for previously leaving Fortnite after getting frustrated with stream-snipers. Although he eventually returned to the game and can still be found streaming Fortnite at times, multiple fans believe that the 29-year-old no longer has the same passion for the game.

He also stated that being relieved of his duties as a member of Time In’s Valorant roster also means that he can be a lot more flexible about his streaming schedule. This means that Time In’s Valorant roster is left without a fifth member, making it difficult for the team to practice and prepare for upcoming tournaments.

Ninja quits Time In to focus on other ventures

Speaking about the reason behind his departure from Time In’s Valorant roster, the Detroit native said:

“I was really sad, man, I was really stressed out, and I knew that I had to leave Valorant cause life was picking back up. My family, real-life events, hanging out with my friends, and work, like a lot of Ninja-related stuff, a lot of brand stuff. So many things were coming back into the fold cause I’ve just been vaccinated.”

This statement clearly means that with all his real-life events coming back into the fray, Ninja cannot afford as much time as he had believed he could. However, the Fortnite icon further explained how much of a relief it has been for him since he dropped out of Time In.

He said:

“I feel like such a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders because now I can stream when I want. I can get off right now if I wanted to. I mean literally, I have been streaming for the past 4-5 hours. I would have had to get off 26 minutes ago and get ready for scrims.”

Considering all of these factors, Ninja’s fans can now expect him to stream a lot more often than he used to.

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