‘I’m having to disown family members’

Diego Sanchez has revealed further details of his bond with Joshua Fabia. Sanchez said that he’s having to disown some family members because they want him to cut ties with Fabia.

MMA legend and former UFC fighter Diego Sanchez has claimed that an agenda that’s being pushed by the UFC to malign his and Joshua Fabia’s image has led to some of his family members wanting him to part ways with Fabia.

In conversation with John Gibson, Diego Sanchez and Joshua Fabia opened up on a myriad of topics. One of the notable topics Sanchez touched upon during the conversation was his respect for Joshua Fabia.

Additionally, another important revelation made by Diego Sanchez was about him having to disown some family members due to their opinions about Fabia. Sanchez stated:

“This poor guy had his reputation shi** on by the media…This guy is (accused of being) a con artist, manipulator, when really, the truth of the story is this is just the only guy that came around. There was no one else to help me, man.”

Diego Sanchez reiterated his gratitude towards Joshua Fabia and noted that Fabia was the one who protected and helped him. Sanchez said, “Not only protect me, (but) teach me how to heal myself, teach me how to get standing straight up again. It’s everything.”

Moreover, Diego Sanchez spoke about disowning some family members due to their views against Joshua Fabia. Sanchez explained:

“And being open and honest, I think that’s one big factor about me and Joshua; and also loyalty. I’ve been loyal in not giving up on this guy. Not believing the bullsh** of the internet. Even to the point where I’m having to; I’m having family members that; I’m having to disown some family members because it’s that hard. The agenda is so hard, so pushed, so hard. I’ve got my own family members telling me that they know better than me for my life. They’re telling me, ‘Get that guy. He’s conning you. He’s gonna f**k your whole life up. Get him out of your life.’ And these people are like, ‘This is happening. This is real.’” (*H/T Sportskeeda for the transcription)

Furthermore, Diego Sanchez proceeded to explain that he’s more than capable of deciding what’s right for himself. Sanchez added that he strongly disagrees with the widespread claims in the MMA community that he’s being deceived by Joshua Fabia.

Diego Sanchez was set to fight Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone at UFC Vegas 26

Diego Sanchez was set to compete in his final UFC fight against Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone at UFC Vegas 26 (May 8th, 2021). However, a series of incidents involving Sanchez’s coach Joshua Fabia led to Sanchez being released from the UFC.

The Nightmare is widely regarded as one of the true legends and most beloved fighters in the sport of MMA. Diego Sanchez trained at the world-renowned Jackson Wink MMA Academy for many years until his departure from the gym in 2019.

Initially, Joshua Fabia briefly worked with Diego Sanchez while Sanchez was with the Jackson Wink gym. However, in 2019, disagreements between Fabia and the Jackson Wink coaches led to Sanchez leaving the gym and subsequently training completely under the guidance of Fabia.

Diego Sanchez has credited Joshua Fabia for supporting him during an extremely challenging phase of his life and career – a time when Sanchez was dealing with problems like divorce, addiction, mental health issues, and other problems.

The MMA community, on its part, has condemned Joshua Fabia and his training techniques and has been urging Diego Sanchez to part ways with Fabia.

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