Logan Paul reveals that he is concerned after Floyd Mayweather threatens to “kill” Jake Paul

Logan Paul has revealed that he and his brother Jake Paul are taking safety precautions after Floyd Mayweather made threats at a press conference last week.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Logan Paul was questioned over the concern for safety after the hat incident between Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather. When Jake stole the hat, it was one of the first times the public had seen Mayweather lose his cool to that degree within a promotion. His team went after Jake Paul and threatened to “kill” him as he was pulled away.

At the start of the interview clip, Logan Paul joked about how Floyd Mayweather really loves that hat for him to react the way that he did. He was then asked if was taking precautions, and Logan Paul quickly reassured that the brothers were doing so. Then Logan Paul was asked if he had security as well.

“Yeah. Everywhere. At all times… When you have a guy with the resources and wealth that Floyd Mayweather has, and the connection and the network. And he’s saying s*** like “imma kill that mother f*****.” Kill? Death? You’re going to kill my brother over a f****** hat? Yeah we take that s*** seriously, man.”

When Logan Paul was asked afterwards if he or Jake Paul were taking any legal action, such as a restraining order. In Logan Paul and Jake Paul’s eyes, that approach is the wimpy way out, and it would also completely affect the boxing event. It may also lend to the theory that most of the situation is staged to some degree.

Some eagle-eyed viewers also noticed Jake Paul in the background of the interview, and he appeared to have something under his shirt. To many, it looked like a bullet-proof vest was protruding, and it would line up with the 24/7 security that was needed.

Jake Paul, Logan Paul, and Floyd Mayweather feud over a hat at their press conference

The press conference between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather went according to plan, until Jake decided to jump in afterwards.

Jake Paul got in Floyd Mayweather’s face and challenged him. Before long, Jake Paul took his hat and tried to run off. It ended with Jake taking some damage and Floyd Mayweather seemingly losing his cool.

Jake Paul later on posted some of the damage he took to his face, but he is also capitalizing entirely on the stolen hat image. Only time will tell how genuine or staged the entire event is so far.

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