Valorant changed the headshot icon with patch 2.09, and fans are not happy about it

With the recent patch 2.09, Riot Games introduced a quality of life change to the headshot logo in Valorant’s kill feed.

The recent 2.09 patch introduced Replication, a new game mode, Viper nerfs, and Breeze updates. It also introduces two brand new weapon skin sets, the Tethered Realms Collection and the Minima Collection.

However, the headshot icon change has left fans confused and unsatisfied, demanding the change to be rolled back.

Changes to the Valorant headshot icon in the kill feed

With every patch, Valorant introduces multiple quality of life changes that improve the game. These changes mostly go unnoticed, but they do make the game more comfortable for both casual and hardcore players.

The change in question is regarding the headshot icon in the kill feed on the top left side of the Valorant Hud has disappointed fans and players

The crosshair icon, which was previously used to mark headshots only, is used to signify every kill, and another icon is used to mark headshots. The players were not pleased with the quality of life change and demanded an immediate revert back to the original.

Player are unhappy with the change to the headshot icon in the recent Valorant patch 2.09

Players were not at all amused by the change to the Valorant headshot icon. The change may seem minor, but it can create confusion during an intense match. Team Liquid’s Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom spoke up against the change, asking for an immediate change.

Even though Riot Games hasn’t officially addressed the issue, considering the developers always take player feedback into consideration and have open communication with the community, hopefully the headshot icon in Valorant will be addressed in the upcoming patches.

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