Biden says he is confident that Russian government was not involved in pipeline attack


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President Biden is speaking from the White House on the ransomware attack that caused a six-day shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline. 

The pipeline launched the restart of its operations Wednesday evening, but operators warned it will take several days for service to return to normal.

Biden signed an executive order Wednesday meant to better protect the nation from cyberattacks, but even as he signed it, the White House acknowledged more will need to be done to prevent the type of hack that affected the Colonial Pipeline.

That attack, which temporarily shut down the pipeline supplying fuel to the eastern United States this week, caused some gas stations to run dry and gas prices to spike as Americans flocked to the pumps in a spurt of panic buying.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Wednesday night that there’s “an end in sight for the supply disruptions.”

“As Colonial Pipeline works to safely and fully resume operations over the next few days, we will stay in close contact with the company and will continue to offer any assistance needed—as we have done since the outset of this shutdown on Friday,” Psaki said in a statement.

She said that as supplies return to normal, the Biden administration will continue its “whole-of-government effort to mitigate any challenges, including the swift steps we’ve taken to boost gas supply in affected States.”

CNN’s Matt Egan and Clare Duffy contributed reporting to this post.