Fortnite Wild Week 2 – Start date, Possible Themes, and more

Epic Games introduced the concept of Wild Weeks on May 6th, and Fortnite Wild Week 2 is scheduled to begin on May 13th with a brand new theme.

With the second iteration of Fortnite Wild Week scheduled to arrive soon, fans are wondering about the possible themes. Given that the theme heavily emphasizes the availability of various weapons in the game, the first week saw various fire-themed weapons and items being focused on weekly challenges.

There have been various speculations in the community regarding the possible theme for Wild Week 2 in Fortnite. Ranging from an air theme to something that might be based on in-game fishes, the update on May 13 will finally unveil the eventual theme for Wild Week 2.

The update will also present a brand new set of challenges for players to complete and earn XP for their Battle Pass in Fortnite Season 6. These new challenges will definitely require players to interact with weapons and items according to the theme of Wild Week 2.

Possible themes for Fortnite Wild Week 2

The first possible theme for Fortnite Wild Week 2 was speculated upon after the release of the 16.40 update. According to one of Fortnite’s official Twitter accounts, the teaser for Wild Week 2 reads,

“Catch a win in the next Wild Week starting May 13.”

Apart from the “Catch a win” phrase, which directly suggests a fish-based theme for Wild Week 2, the line was also accompanied by the emoticon of a fish. Although these factors almost guarantee that the theme for the upcoming Fortnite Wild Week 2 will feature fishes, the developers can take everyone by surprise with a different theme.

There has also been speculation regarding an air theme for Fortnite Wild Week 2. The air theme could bring back the focus on items like jet-packs, shockwaves, jump-pads, and various other items that allow players to spend more time mid-air.

Despite all the speculations being made by the community, the eventual theme for Fortnite Wild Week 2 will only be revealed once Epic Games releases the update for everyone. Until that happens on May 13th, the theme for Fortnite Wild Week 2 remains an absolute mystery to the community.

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