Fortnite’s Naked Peely skin joins the discussion during Epic vs Apple trial

Every Fortnite player’s favorite source of potassium, known as Peely, has found himself in the spotlight this week.

Though a court case is rarely anything to joke about, one of the most entertaining moments of the Apple versus Epic Games trial has surfaced, and it involves Fortnite’s famous banana.

Epic vs Apple trial debates Fortnite banana Peely’s “naked” appearance in the game

Fortnite’s Peely has recently come under fire in a legal courtroom as the lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games continues to unfold.

According to an allegedly accurate transcript of the conversation that occurred a few days ago, an Epic Games representative had to take time on the stand to defend Peely’s character.

Remarking that Peely is “just a banana,” the representative for Epic Games not only told the truth in answering the attorney’s question but highlighted what everyone else was thinking. What were they hoping to discover by putting Peely under the microscope?

As always, members both within the Fortnite community and outside of it have come together to make light of this situation by spreading humorous memes and jokes on social media platforms.

With regards to D3NNI’s latest Fortnite Skin Concept Art that they shared via Twitter, Monki, who is noted as Peely’s number one fan and a member of the Fortnite community, cleverly wrote the following:

With fruit names and puns being heavily involved in these companies, someone had to make the following joke:

While plenty of people have turned to Twitter to share a good laugh regarding the situation, others are pointing out valid concerns regarding the validity of the questions asked pertaining to Peely.

Setting all jokes aside, some believe the question regarding Peely’s design is related to the suggestion that Fortnite has some non-family-friendly content in-game. Though some video games that utilize weapons and battle royale-style fighting modes can easily be categorized as too mature for younger audiences, Fortnite has been family-friendly from the beginning.

Focusing on an entertaining storyline that involves players respawning in a loop with minimally gruesome elimination animations, Fortnite is meant to be a game that is enjoyable for players of all ages.

While some situations arise that involve unclear or even questionable intentions, in this scenario, Peely really is just a banana that is loved by the community.

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