Top 5 GTA villains that Rockstar should bring back for GTA 6

Over the course of two decades, the GTA franchise has delivered some of the most dastardly and depraved characters written in entertainment. From meglomaniacal billionaires to cannibalistic psychopaths, Rockstar Games knows just how to create an instantly detestable villain.

While most villains tend to bite the dust at the end of their respective games, some manage to scrape by. If that miracle does occur, the room is always open for them to come back in a future title like GTA 6.

However, there is still the possibility of the game being set in a different time period or an entirely different timeline, which changes things significantly.

Villains fans would love to see make a return in GTA 6

5 – El Rubio

One of the newer arrivals to the series, El Rubio is the star of the show in GTA Online’s Cayo Perico Heist. What makes him so interesting is the fact that he puts up a very affable and personable front, but there is a hint of ruthless brutality underneath.

El Rubio is easily one of the most interesting villains in the GTA series and should become a series mainstay, given just how much potential there is in his story. His inclusion in a future GTA title would also help canonize a lot of Online’s events and help tie it all together.

4 – Sonny Forelli

Sonny Forelli bit the bullet at the end of GTA Vice City and has been dead for quite a long time. Even though he is as dead as it gets, if the next game goes back to a time before the events of Vice City, Sonny could still be around.

Sonny Forelli is scummy, back-stabbing and sleezy but still manages to be charismatic. He is both repugnant and charming, which is what makes him an interesting villain.

His potential rise to the top of the Forelli family would be an interesting story to explore.

3 – Martin Madrazo

Martin Madrazo wasn’t exactly a villain, as he pretty much turns into an ally in GTA Online. Yet, there is enough room there for the Madrazo family to be the terrifying force of nature they are often made up to be.

Even though Martin was hyped up to be this terrifying cartel overlord, he didn’t quite reach his potential in GTA 5. Perhaps that is a road that Rockstar would like to revisit as there is plenty of potential in Martin Madrazo and the rest of his cartel to really shine in a game as primary antagonists.

2 – Frank Tenpenny

Officer Frank Tenpenny is simply just too good to stay dead. The character, played by the legendary Samuel L. Jackson, was easily the best villain the series had up until that point.

A potential appearance in an earlier time period in which Frank was still alive would delight fans of the franchise. Even though Frank was around quite a lot in San Andreas, fans can always do with some more Samuel L. Jackson in their game.

1 – Tommy Vercetti

Before fans bring their pitchforks out, Tommy Vercetti isn’t a villain, per se. In fact, he is the protagonist of GTA Vice City. Yet, hehas had a Scarface-like rise to the top, and all that remains is the downfall.

Tommy Vercetti has all the markings for a great villain – ruthless, unapologetic, and played by Ray Liotta. If he returns to a future game, he would make for a formidable adversary. It does seem like the only correct path that his character needs to take.

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