Top 5 teams to look out for at the Valorant Champions Tour Stage 2 Masters Reykjavik

The Valorant esports world is waiting with eager interest as the first major LAN tournament since Valorant’s release, the Valorant Champions Tour Stage 2 Masters, is going to kick off on May 24th, 2021 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

In the year since Valorant’s release, there has been no dearth of action-packed Valorant esports across the globe. But under the circumstances that prevailed due to the pandemic, most of it has been limited to online regional tournaments.

So, the VCT Stage 2 Masters Reykjavik holds paramount significance, as this is the first time there will be clashes between top Valorant teams from different parts of the world.

The ten teams that qualified for the VCT Stage 2 Masters Reykjavik are:

  1. Sentinels (North America)
  2. Version1 (North America)
  3. Fnatic (Europe, Middle East, Africa)
  4. Team Liquid (Europe, Middle East, Africa)
  5. Team Vikings (Brazil)
  6. Sharks Esports (Brazil)
  7. KRÜ Esports (Latin America)
  8. NUTURN (Korea)
  9. Crazy Raccoon (Japan)
  10. X10 Esports (Southeast Asia)

Top 5 teams to look out for in Valorant Champion Tour 2021 Masters Reykjavik

There have been no international Valorant tournaments thus far. This makes creating a power ranking for the VCT Masters Reykjavik almost impossible without bias, as there is no precedence of statistics to go by.

However, based on recent performances and a fair bit of educated guesses, here are the top five teams at Valorant Champions Tour Stage Two: Masters Reykjavik.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid won the EMEA Challengers playoffs and arguably are the strongest contenders for the Masters Reykjavik trophy. Elias “Jamppi” Olkonnen has had consecutive stellar performances on Jett and Reyna. The rest of the squad is filled to the brim with stars as well, and they have looked really cohesive during the Valorant Champion Tour 2021.


Fnatic (Image from
Fnatic (Image from

The recent signings of Nikita “Derke” Sirmitev and Martin “Magnum” Peňkov has paid off big time for the organization, which was proven by their victory in VCT Stage 2 EU Challengers 2, and the runner-up position in VCT Stage 2 EU Challengers Final. The Fnatic squad has showed impeccable resilience despite being new.


Sentinels (Image from
Sentinels (Image from

Sentinels are undeniably the most decorated Valorant lineup of North America. Their loose and fast playstyle, coupled with Tyson “Tenz” Ngo’s individual prowess, will be a sight to behold in the LANs of VCT Masters Reykjavik.

Team Vikings

Team Vikings (Image from
Team Vikings (Image from

This Brazilian Valorant squad has passed under the radar of many. Team Vikings has put up consecutive impeccable performances on the road leading to VCT Masters Reykjavik. Gustavo “Sacy” Rossi is a player to look out for. Despite playing Sova for the team, he has topped the kill charts consistently.

KRÜ Esports

KRU Esports (Image from
KRU Esports (Image from

This Chilean-Aregentinian roster is set to represent the Latin American Valorant scene at VCT Masters Reykjavik. They only lost two maps in their LATAM Challengers playoff run, which goes to prove their dominance in the region. However, it remains to be put in perspective how they stack up against the best teams from the other regions.

Valorant Champions Tour Stage 2 Masters Reykjavík dates and other details

Valorant Champions Tour Stage 2 Masters Reykjavík is all set to begin on 24th May and will end on 30th May 2021. Fans will be able to watch VCT Masters Reykjavík on the Valorant Champions Tour YouTube Channel and Twitch Channel.

Fans can also get updated information regarding the tournament on the Valorant Champions Tour 2021: Stage 2 Masters – Reykjavík Liquipedia Page, and Valorant Champions Tour section on

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