“You can’t stop rock and roll, and you can’t stop a commercial break either”

No one enjoyed the commercial breaks during last week’s Blood and Guts match, especially Chris Jericho.

This week on Chris Jericho’s podcast, Talk is Jericho, the former AEW Champion broke down the Blood and Guts match that main-evented AEW Dynamite last week.

During the podcast, Chris Jericho admitted that the breaks didn’t fall where the wrestlers in the match wanted them.

“Here’s where things are kind of funny because the time of the match got a little bit kerfuffle, shall we say, for various reasons,” said Jericho. “So, things didn’t fall exactly where we wanted them to. I know there was some talk about the commercial break happening at a bad time sort of thing, and it did, but we were trying our best to kind of get things on track, so a lot of times during the match, I was talking to Aubrey Edwards, about where are we in the time.”

Chris Jericho also confirmed that he entered the match quicker than originally planned due to the commercial breaks.

“And when Max came in, I knew that he didn’t have a lot to do, and I said let’s try and go to Jericho quicker because we have a lot more to do as soon as I get in there,” Jericho continued. “And we don’t want to get cut off by commercial because live TV is live TV. You can’t stop rock and roll, and you can’t stop a commercial break either.”

Chris Jericho on climbing the Blood and Guts cage with MJF during the commercial break

Chris Jericho also confirmed fan theories that he took his time climbing the Blood and Guts cage after MJF because he knew the show was in a commercial break. He elaborated by stating how the commerical break forced him to get creative during the climax of the match.

“All of this mayhem was going on, and then we go to commercial break, and then we come back from commercial break, and there’s also a big clock at the back of Daily’s Place where you can see what the real-time is to know, like okay, we have to be off the air at, you know 10 o’clock 9:59:59,” Chris Jericho explained. “So then there was another commercial break coming up, and I was like, man, it was right before we started climbing to the top. And once again, live TV, once the train leaves the station, you can’t pull it back in, and the idea was that Tully pushed down the referee Bryce Remsburg and grabbed the key off of his neck. Opened the door, and then Max kind of starts squeaking out, and this is after FTR had been piledriven on the wood. Spears had gotten coast to coast from Sammy, and then kind of everyone ganged up to beat up Wardlow with Jake giving that huge Stan Hansen clothesline. So, Inner circles up Pinnacles down we’re rocking, and MJF’s only chance is by escaping, and he looks to his right, and there’s that trellis so he starts climbing it.”

“But the problem was when that happened it was during the commercial break, and I knew it, and I was like, Oh, I was trying to tell him like slow down, but it’s hard to do that,” Jericho continued. “So he eventually just started climbing, and I was like, ‘Well, I’m not gonna be coming back from break with me being on top as well, so I’m just gonna climb really slow.’ And I was looking at Aubrey [Edwards], who’s telling me you got 30 seconds before you come back from break, and I knew that we had about 10 minutes left because I can see that clock. So it’s like I’m just gonna stand right here and just work the crowd. So when we come back from break, they’ll all be chanting and cheering. And then they’ll be yelling as I’m climbing to the top of this cage.”

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