Bret Hart responds to Ric Flair’s recent criticism

Bret Hart has confirmed that he has cleared the air with Ric Flair after the 16-time World Champion’s recent comments about him.

Speaking to Conrad Thompson, Flair questioned why Hart has been critical of the likes of Eric Bischoff and Triple H in interviews. He went on to accuse his fellow two-time WWE Hall of Famer of being “bitter” and “lonely.”

Hart has now taken to Twitter to clarify that he made his comments about Bischoff and Triple H several years ago. He also revealed that he reached out to Flair to address the matter.

In 2016, Bret Hart said Roman Reigns’ then-babyface character was being booked in a similar way to Triple H. Hart’s comment was uploaded to YouTube last month, leading Flair to believe that he had recently taken a new dig at Triple H and Reigns.

What else did Ric Flair say about Bret Hart?

Ric Flair also gave his opinion that Kurt Angle was a better wrestler than Bret Hart. He then joked that he has created more catchphrases than Hart has won world titles.

Hart has been highly critical of former WCW executive Eric Bischoff in recent years. Regardless of how Hart was booked during his WCW run, Flair believes he should not blame Bischoff for anything.

“I don’t know what happened there [Hart’s problem with Bischoff], and now he’s blaming Eric for everything,” Flair said. “Eric made him rich. I don’t know how you blame Eric. I was talking to Eric the other day. I said, ‘It’s the flavor of the week. He’s mad at Goldberg one week, mad at me the next, something I didn’t do, I was repetitive.’ Well, you wrestle an hour every night 280 times [a year], which he wouldn’t know nothing about, and you’re gonna get slammed off the top, that’s called taking a bump. How many press slams did you take, Bret? None.”

As Ric Flair alluded to, Bret Hart has also taken shots at Goldberg in the past. He said the two-time WWE Universal Champion is “dangerous” and not worthy of the WWE Hall of Fame.

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