How to create an underwater base in Minecraft

Underwater bases are a great way to hide and protect a player’s valuable resources in Minecraft. These bases tend to look amazing and will usually have a beautiful view of the underwater landscape.

Unfortunately, underwater bases are harder to build than an above-ground base. However, with some extra work, players can easily create a stylish and effective underwater base.

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How players can build an underwater base in Minecraft

Building Stage

To start their underwater base, Minecraft players must choose the desired location.

If a player wants to hide the underwater base from intruders, they should build the structure deep in the water. If that is not the goal, any location will suffice.

After a location is found, players can begin building their underwater base in any design they like. Players can utilize Kelp since they can place blocks on it.

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Clearing the Water

A small underwater base that can be seen from the surface (Image via u/Schwiria on Reddit)
A small underwater base that can be seen from the surface (Image via u/Schwiria on Reddit)

The methods required to clear water out of the underwater base may differ depending on whether the player is in Creative or Survival mode.

Players in Creative mode can easily spawn sponges, which will clear out an area of water when placed.

Players in Survival mode may not have access to sponges. They can either find an ocean monument and kill Elder Guardians to receive sponges or manually remove the water.

To manually remove the water, players must fill up the entire base with an easily breakable block, such as sand. Once filled, players can break all of the sand. After doing this, they will find that their base is completely dry.

To enter their base, Minecraft players can use doors, banners or fence gates, which provide an air pocket so that the water will not enter their base.

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