Pokemon GO: Mienfoo’s best moveset

Trainers who reached rank 5 in the Pokemon GO Battle League have access to a free Mienfoo encounter, so might as well go over an optimized moveset for it.

Mienfoo was one of the many Fighting-types introduced in Generation V. Trainers who caught this Pokemon had to be real patient because it evolved into Mienshao at level 50.

In terms of Pokemon GO, Mienfoo is a decent option for a not fully evolved Pokemon. 160 base Attack is on the higher end of first stage evolutions. With 98 Defense, it won’t be sustaining too many attacks. Mienfoo could be a good option to keep around if Niantic ever brings back Little Cup.

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Which moves will work best on this Fighting-type Pokemon?

For attacks, Mienfoo is a Fighting-type specialist. Other than Pound, it exclusively learns fighting moves. This is why finding the right moveset is simple for Mienfoo. Players have to just use the strongest moves and switch out on any Fairies or Flying types.

Meinfoo’s preferred quick move is Low Kick. It has less base power than Pound, but it does more damage when taking STAB into account. Even compared to other quick moves in the game, Low Kick is incredibly fast at 600 ms. Anyone with quick fingers can get a lot of damage out of this move as well as charge up energy quickly.

Meinfoo’s no-brainer charge move is Focus Blast. Considering its huge power, trainers should teach Meinfoo this move and not give it a second thought. Low Kick charges 8.7 energy per second, which isn’t incredibly fast in Pokemon GO, but Meinfoo still needs to take advantage of the full bar when it gets one. This move is the best way to exploit Meinfoo’s 160 Attack stat.

The other choice for charge move is between two very similar moves: Low Sweep and Brick Break. Both moves do the same amount of damage. Both moves have the same energy cost. Both moves are Fighting-type, so they both get STAB.

The superior move is actually Brick Break in this instance. At 1,600 ms, it’s a tad bit faster than Low Sweep, which means it has a higher DPS. Low Sweep lasts for 1,900 ms. That’s still slower, but anyone who can dodge in that time frame deserves a round of applause anyways. Either move works, but Brick Break has a slight advantage.

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