3 Tyron Woodley knockouts to ease the nerves of MMA fans before he fights Jake Paul

Jake Paul’s reign of combat sports infamy continues with a new fight announcement recently dropping. He is set to compete against former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

Paul has become increasingly antagonistic towards MMA fighters in recent months. With Tyron Woodley having recently been released from the UFC, he would appear to be the perfect opponent for the YouTuber-turned-boxer.

However, even when taking Tyron Woodley’s current MMA losing streak into consideration, he undeniably presents the biggest threat that Jake Paul has faced so far. Much of Woodley’s MMA career revolved around his incredibly striking power, with seven KOs on his record.

The following are three of Tyron Woodley’s most brutal finishes, which prove Jake Paul may have bitten off more than he can chew.

#3 Woodley vs Jay Hieron

Tyron Woodley made his UFC debut back in 2013. His opponent at the time was MMA veteran Jay Hieron, who promised to give Woodley a rough introduction to the UFC. However, the Chosen One had other plans.

The fight only went 36 seconds before the referee decided Hieron had taken enough damage. Woodley used a fake superman jab to misdirect Hieron before landing his infamous right hand. Hieron was left unconscious and the UFC had a new superstar on their hands.

#2 Woodley vs Robbie Lawler

In 2016, Robbie Lawler was considered one of the greatest MMA welterweights on the planet. He had amassed a five-fight winning streak that included huge victories over elite-level competition such as Carlos Condit, Matt Brown and Rory MacDonald.

However, this meant little to Tyron Woodley, who did not let his opponent get out of the first round. It was a vicious right hand that left his opponent out cold on the canvas once again. Woodley not only secured the welterweight belt but also one of the most devastating highlight reel KOs of the year.

#1 Woodley vs Josh Koscheck

Tyron Woodley’s finish of Lawler could have easily topped this list. However, his finish of Josh Koscheck is arguably the best representation of Tyron Woodley’s power.

As the fight began, Koscheck began to push Woodley back towards the cage, opening up with his own combinations. However, this is a situation that Woodley thrives in. He allowed Koscheck to advance and swing before launching that famous right hand at Koscheck’s jaw.

The KO was instant and it demonstrated the immense power Woodley holds. None of Jake Paul’s previous opponents have shown anything close to Woodley’s fight IQ and this may well be the rude awakening for him that MMA fans have been waiting for.

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