Covid now behind just one in 160 deaths, ONS figures show

Covid now behind just one in 160 deaths: Virus killed 66 people in England and Wales last week in lowest count since before the first lockdown last March

  • ONS figures showed Covid  was the main cause of death in 66 fatalities over the week to May 21
  • But there were 9,860 fatalities in the seven-day period, showing the virus triggered less than one in 160
  • Boris Johnson is under mounting pressure to push back England’s June 21 Freedom Day due to rising cases
  • But some scientists today called on ministers to watch hospitalisations and deaths figures for the virus 


Covid is now behind fewer than one in 160 deaths in England and Wales, official statistics revealed today, the lowest number since before the first lockdown last March. 

Office for National Statistics data showed 66 out of 9,860 death certificates listed the virus as the underlying cause of death in the week to May 21. 

For comparison, flu and pneumonia were blamed for four times more deaths after they were listed as the underlying cause on 287 certificates. Some 25 care home residents also died from Covid in the latest week. 

Every region in England went at least one day without registering a single death from the virus over this period, data showed. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland also went at least one day without registering a Covid fatality.

Britain’s speedy vaccination drive — which has already jabbed almost three quarters of adults and offered at least one dose to everyone vulnerable to the virus — is thought to be behind the low death figures. 

Some SAGE scientists are urging the Prime Minister to push back plans to dump face masks and social distancing amid rising cases of the Indian variant, warning ‘mini Covid volcanoes’ could erupt in local hospitals. It takes around three weeks for someone who has caught the virus to become severely ill and sadly die from the disease.

But Oxford University professor and top Government adviser Sir John Bell today called on ministers not to ‘scamper down rabbit holes when there’s a new variant’. He said they should instead watch hospitalisation and deaths figures, which the jabbing drive aimed to prevent.

It comes after Britain recorded zero Covid deaths yesterday for the first time since last July, but cases rose by 27 per cent after another 3,165 were spotted by swabbers.

Statisticians at the national agency leaf through thousands of death certificates registered in England and Wales to identify all those that mention Covid, and whether they note it down as a cause of death.

The ONS figures lag behind the Department of Health’s daily total because it can take around two weeks to formally register a fatality, creating a delay due to the disease. 

Death certificates list underlying factors  — the conditions thought to be responsible for the fatality — but also mention other conditions thought to have contributed to deaths but not to be the main factor behind the fatality. 

Covid was mentioned on 107 death certificates overall, which was a 29 per cent drop from the previous seven-day spell and almost 60 per cent below the number of deaths blamed on the virus a month ago. 

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