How to unlock the AMP63 pistol in COD Warzone and Black Ops: Cold War

As promised by Raven Software and Treyarch, the AMP63 pistol is now available in both COD Warzone and Black Ops: Cold War.

The AMP63 pistol was earlier available due to a glitch that made it procurable for certain players. However, it is now available to everyone via a few challenges or through the purchase of a bundle from the in-game store.

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Unlocking criteria for the AMP63 pistol in COD Warzone and Black Ops: Cold War

The AMP63 joined the arsenal of weapons for Warzone and Black Ops: Cold War as part of the 1st June weekly update.

The unlocking criteria for the gun are fairly simple for both games:

  • Warzone/Cold War Multiplayer – Using a Pistol, eliminate five enemies in 20 different completed matches
  • Zombies – Using Pistols, get 400 critical kills

If grinding for challenges isn’t something players are keen on doing, the AMP63 is also available as part of the “Gamma Ray” store bundle in both games.

The ‘Gravitazer’ weapon blueprint for the AMP63 can be bought for 1,000 COD Points ($10) and is bundled with three small cosmetics and two battle pass level skips.

Activision has also announced that a Double Weapon XP Weekend will take place from June 4th at 10 AM PT to June 7th at 10 AM PT. This is a prime opportunity for players to level up their newly acquired AMP63 and acquire all the attachments they need.

With the addition of the AMP63 to both Warzone and Black Ops: Cold War, Activision has officially released all the promised weapons for Season 3. The developers have now set their sights on Season 4 and the new content that is in store for players ahead of its rumored June 16th release date.

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