Darrick Minner’s beef with Elkins predates his UFC run

Following back-to-back wins, UFC featherweight Darrick Minner has finally got the opportunity to face off against an opponent he has been eyeing up for years, Darren ‘The Damage’ Elkins.

Minner has picked up decisive victories over Charles Rosa and T.J. Laramie and will now fight a true veteran of the game in Elkins. However, Minner is no young prospect looking for his first big test. He holds a record of 26-11, having fought in multiple promotions against a variety of high-level opposition.

Minner has been eyeing a fight with Elkins for years

In a recent interview with Sportskeeda MMA’s Frank Bonada, Minner discussed his upcoming fight with Elkins. He revealed that it is a bout he has had his sights set on since before he was even signed by the UFC. He stated the following:

“I’ve been wanting to fight Darren Elkins for years, before I was even in the UFC. I always watched him and I enjoy watching him fight. I’m excited for this one for sure.”

Minner has fought multiple high caliber opponents, including the aforementioned Rosa and Laramie, as well as the likes of Herbert Burns, Grant Dawson and Kevin Croom. Minner had the following to say about how Elkins stacks up in comparison to his former opponents:

“I mean he’s tough. I think Rosa is a different kind of tough. I feel like Elkins is tough – you know, he’s going to come forward and wrestle. Charles Rosa was tough but he wants to do a lot of jiu-jitsu and a lot more striking. So they’re both good where they’re good at. T.J. Laramie again, his wrestling was tough. But I’ve been at this s*** a long time. I’ve had a lot of tough fights. I feel like this is the fight that’s my breakout fight. Darren Elkins has a name, he’s super tough, he’s super durable and I just need to go out there and show who I am. “

Minner claims he is ‘better everywhere’ than Elkins

Tough as Elkins is, Minner still believes he has a clear advantage when they face off. When asked how he believes his skillset matches up with Elkins’ he stated the following:

“Great. I feel like I pretty much go in there and I’m better everywhere. I feel like my wrestling’s better, MMA wrestling’s better, I feel like my striking’s better. I feel like this fight, this is my fight. If everything goes well, we go in there and get in a fight, I feel like it’s my fight to win.”

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