GTA San Andreas players complain of game not loading on Android 11, urge Rockstar games for urgent fix

GTA San Andreas for Android is facing a serious issue which has left players feeling helpless and searching for a fix.

Despite being released over 16 years ago, GTA San Andreas is still one of the most beloved GTA games ever made, and a large number of players are still playing the mobile version of the game. The Android version has had a rocky journey since its release. There have been several bugs, some even gamebreaking. This has outweighed the graphical enhancements on the mobile platform.

Rockstar fixed a lot of these bugs by rolling out updates, but the latest version of Android has sprung new issues that need fixing.

GTA San Andreas not working on Android 11

This issue was reported around 2 months ago on this Reddit thread when players began expressing their frustration regarding the situation and were hopefully expecting a solution on the social news and discussion platform.

Android 11 users have been complaining about GTA San Andreas Android refusing to launch on their devices. Apparently, Rockstar has been working on a fix for it, but many players have already appealed for refunds since the last update for the game came out in 2019.

(Image via Reddit)
(Image via Reddit)

Some have reported that there was an issue with the Rockstar Games Social Club sign-in feature on many Rockstar Games Android titles. This seems to be the root cause of this bug.

(Image via Reddit)
(Image via Reddit)

Others who have been able to launch the game have reported that they are no longer able to load a saved game. As another thread asking for a solution to the same issue suggests, this bug may not affect everyone, and it may or may not happen on all Rockstar Android titles with Social Club in it.

(Image via Reddit)
(Image via Reddit)

Whatever the reason for this bug, players may have to wait for Rockstar to launch a new update to GTA San Andreas on the Play Store before they can resume playing.

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