Amanda Nunes reaches out to Kim Kardashian after Dana White’s celebrity boxing rant

Amanda Nunes has made an effort to reach out to Kim Kardashian after Dana White’s celebrity boxing rant. Taking to her social media accounts, Amanda Nunes has jestingly called out Kim Kardashian for a fight – an exhibition, to be specific.

“The Lioness” sent out a tweet and an Instagram post that featured a news report quoting White talking about a potential Nunes vs. Kardashian fight. Fans can check out Nunes’ social media posts below:

Amanda Nunes’ tweet read as follows:

“Hey @KimKardashian let’s do this? Lol”

Additionally, Amanda Nunes’ Instagram post read as follows:

“Hey @kimkardashian let’s make this happen? Lol Nunes vs Kardashian 🤪 #exhibition”

MMA legend Amanda Nunes’ message to entertainment world megastar Kim Kardashian was concise, albeit lighthearted. It simply suggested that she and Kardashian should fight.

The consensus in the combat sports community is that Amanda Nunes wasn’t really serious about the call-out and had simply sent out the social media posts as a joke.

UFC president Dana White recently addressed celebrity boxing matches and how celebrity boxing has grabbed the limelight in the fight game as of late.

Dana White spoke about the Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul ‘super exhibition’ boxing match in particular. In the aftermath of this match, White told UFC Arabia:

“Last night? Oh come on, that was no f***ing boxing match. Like I said before man, there’s always gonna be a market for that kind of stuff. There’s always gonna be people that are willing to put down fifty bucks to watch that kind of stuff. That’s just so far away from what I….imagine…think about this, imagine if Kim Kardashian wanted to fight Amanda Nunes, how big do you think that fight would be? It’s huge, it would be the biggest event. But give a f***ing break.”

Dana White indicated that a fight between Amanda Nunes and Kim Kardashian would captivate fans in the combat sports world and pop culture realm in general. White believes that the fight would generate millions of dollars in revenue. He added, however, that the UFC isn’t interested in a freak matchup of this sort.

Amanda Nunes and Kim Kardashian are successful performers in their respective professions

Kim Kardashian (left); Amanda Nunes (right)
Kim Kardashian (left); Amanda Nunes (right)

Both Amanda Nunes and Kim Kardashian are highly successful performers in their respective professions. Kardashian is a globally recognized entrepreneur and world-renowned celebrity who’s a mainstay in the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, Amanda Nunes is the reigning UFC women’s featherweight and bantamweight champion. She’s regarded as one of the best fighters of all time. Presently, Nunes is set to defend her bantamweight belt against Julianna Pena at UFC 265 on August 7th, 2021.

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