Corinna Kopf’s leaked OnlyFans pictures leaves Twitter “disappointed”

Corinna Kopf's

American Instagram model and social media star Corinna Kopf recently caused a landslide on Twitter after she announced the official launch of her OnlyFans channel.

After weeks of teasing fans with a possible OF account, the 25-year old influencer recently promised to start an account if she received a whopping 500,000 likes on her latest tweet:

Despite the aforementioned tweet falling short of the 500K mark by a small margin, Corinna Kopf ensured not to leave fans disappointed, as she recently took to Twitter to formalize the launch of her OF account.

Within minutes of her announcement, Twitter erupted, as fans flocked to the platform in hordes to react to the same.

Twitter erupts as Corinna Kopf launches OF account


With more than 5 million subscribers on YouTube today, Corinna Kopf has risen to become one of the most notable social media personalities on the internet today.

A prominent face in David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad, Corinna eventually branched out to create her own brand of lifestyle-themed content, which ranged from apartment tours to fashion segments.

Of late, she has been spotted on the streams of Twitch streamers such as Adin Ross and Aircool, as she continues to dabble in various forms of entertainment across social media platforms.

Be it her via her viral Twitter exchanges with the likes of Minecraft streamer Karl Jacobs or tech mogul Elon Musk, Corinna Kopf has ended up successfully cultivating a thriving social media presence online.

While her recent OF announcement succeeded in sending fans into a tizzy, the initial joy soon turned to disappointment.

This was due to the fact that after dishing out a premium subscription fee to gain access to her OF, they ended up being greeted by similar pictures from her public Instagram profile being circulated.

Here are some of the reactions online, as fans expressed their thoughts on Corinna Kopf’s OnlyFans account via a slew of memes:

Responding to the initial wave of discontent, Corinna Kopf replied with a reassuring tweet, as she continued to tease fans by asking them to be patient, with possibly more risque content coming their way.

As reactions continue to pour in online, the furor over Bella Thorne’s OF controversy is sure to come to mind.

Keeping that in mind, it now remains to be seen if subscribers of Corinna Kopf, too, will meet the same fate or not over the next couple of days.



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