Covid Vaccine News: Over 3m Covid-19 jabs have been administered in Ireland

Over 3m Covid-19 vaccines have now been administered in Ireland, HSE chief executive Paul Reid said today.

total of 3.1 million vaccines have been administered to date, according to Mr Reid.

Due to the HSE cyber attack, there are no up-to-date statistics available on the vaccination hub so it is currently unknown the percentage of people that are fully vaccinated.

“3.1m vaccines administered to date,” Mr Reid wrote on Twitter.

“We’re now seeing strong benefits. Reduced sickness, hospitalisations, ICU admissions & mortality.

“Just 7pc of daily #COVID19 cases are now from ages 55+. Three-way strategy works, vaccines, testing/tracing & public health measures.”

This month, people in their 50s who got the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines in May will get their second dose and be fully vaccinated.

But the gap between doses is at least eight weeks for most of those in their 60s who got a first dose of the AstraZeneca jab. This also applies to a significant number of people with underlying illnesses.

Figures from the HSE last week showed a higher proportion of people in their 50s have had two doses of vaccine.

Overall, 80pc of people in their 50s had got a jab, with 10pc fully vaccinated. This compared to 90pc of those in their 60s but just 8pc had two jabs at that point.

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