Dead Space might make a comeback at E3 2021

Dead Space, one of EA’s most beloved franchises, might make a comeback at E3 2021.

The first-ever game in the Dead Space franchise came out in 2008, followed by Dead Space 2 in 2011. Following their release, both the game and the original development team of Visceral Games received a huge amount of support from fans globally.

However, due to sales expectations not being met, the development studio underwent some of the harshest treatments in the history of gaming. EA basically scrambled most of the team and fired Glen Schofield, one of the creators of Dead Space.

As E3 2021 approaches, fans of this long-forgotten franchise are looking forward to any sort of news. A recent short conversation over on Twitter between two noteworthy faces sparked the chance of a possible Dead Space return at E3 2021.

What to expect from the franchise at E3 2021?

While fans await any news as E3 2021 approaches, a Twitter debate has raised some eye-brows. Recently, XboxEra’s Nick “Shpeshal Nick” Baker tweeted his expectations regarding a possible Dead Space remaster or a sequel, or maybe both. He strongly believes that there is an off-chance that Dead Space might make a comeback.

In reply to the tweet, Windows Central’s Jez Corden shared an equal amount of enthusiasm, showing support towards the cause.

While this can be considered just two famous internet personas bantering over a common interest, on second looks, it turns out to be much more.

Back at the end of 2019, in a conference, EA talked about what their plans were going to be for the upcoming 2020 and 2021. While explaining their plans, they confirmed that a number of exciting remasters are on the way for franchises most celebrated by fans. With E3 2021 just days away, this could be the perfect time to reveal a Dead Space remaster or sequel.

While it was just news, now, with the delivery of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the news has been translated into reality. Judging by how beautifully EA managed to bring out both the nostalgia and essence of the old games all while keeping most of the game design intact while ramping up the graphics, the possible Dead Space remaster or sequel could be just what fans of the long-forgotten franchise are hoping for at E3 2021.

Future of Dead Space

While the Dead Space franchise was very much welcomed into the gaming industry, the work done by EA for Dead Space 3 was not appreciated as much. Even though it did not fall short as just a game, Dead Space 3 was still riddled with micro-transactions and a lot of major setbacks that are hard to maneuver around.

Even when it comes to development, Visceral Games isn’t what it used to be back in 2009 when the first game of the franchise was being made. So for a possible remaster, keeping the essence intact while ramping up the experience would stand out to be a much bigger challenge than expected.

As for a possible sequel, the franchise stood at a stale point after the release of Dead Space 3, as it was plagued with problems. So, the best course of action would be to revamp the whole process under a new development team to bring it out for the upcoming E3 2021.

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