European travellers given green light as digital cert passes EU Parliament

EU countries have been given the green light for travel from next month as the digital green certificate proposal has been passed by the European Parliament. 

he cert will be officially implemented on July 1 with it being introduced in Ireland on July 19. 

The pass will allow anyone who has been fully vaccinated, can provide a negative Covid-19 test or has recovered from the virus to travel within the EU. 

The pass will be available in a digital or paper format and all EU nationals and residents will get the cert for free. 

The proposal was voted on by MEPs yesterday and the results were announced today.


What the Digital Green Certificate could look like. Source: European Commission

This comes as almost 50pc of Irish residents plan on travelling abroad at some stage this year, new CSO figures reveal.

A total 47.3pc of people surveyed said they intend to travel abroad in 2021, while 34.5pc said they plan to venture abroad in 2022 and the remainder said they are not thinking about trips abroad at present.

As for trips in Ireland, 70pc of Irish residents said they plan to take an overnight stay within the country in the next six months.

The survey, which was conducted during the last week of April, found that 64.6pc of respondents cancelled overnight overseas trips due to Covid-19 while 39.6pc cancelled domestic trips.

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