Overwatch: Crossplay for all platforms

After a long wait for crossplay capability, Overwatch fans can finally rest easy, as Blizzard announces the function’s availability. Players who have waited for this update are excited for the crossplay function, even if it’s taken years to produce.

Crossplay functions allow players from multiple platforms to play with each other and take part in the same match. For example, a PC Overwatch player can now partake in matches with console players.

What does Overwatch’s crossplay look like?

Overwatch will now allow players from all platforms to play with each other and battle it out with mingling control systems. Players can join matches with their friends from different systems and team up, thus eliminating the frustration of needing the same device.

The beta for the crossplay will be deployed soon and stems from Battle.net. By testing the waters, the beta will lead the charge in seeing how successful the crossplay function is for Overwatch’s fanbase.

As developer Aaron Keller states, Overwatch focuses on bringing players together in an all-inclusive environment that feels connected regardless of the factors. He also states that the goal of the crossplay function is to bring players from every scenario and setting together.

All players will receive a golden loot box to celebrate crossplay’s arrival, sweetening the deal for players who want to team up with friends. Nintendo Switch players are also included in this update and can join PC, PlayStation, and Xbox matches.

While crossplay will allow players to connect and play with friends in Overwatch, cross-progression will not be a part of this patch. Console players who wish to participate in the crossplay function will need to create and link a Battle.net account to their system.

Image via Blizzard
Image via Blizzard

Overwatch’s crossplay feature will not be available for competitive matches, so as to keep the game as even as possible for players who want to rise up the ranks. In addition, PC players and console players will match with similar players by default, but can opt to create a mixed party.

Having separate match-making pools for competitive play was thought over by the development team for a good while. They wanted to make sure that no one suffered a loss due to some sort of advantage some system players could have over others.

To further explain, players who join a solo queue for quick play will be paired with other console players. The crossplay feature allows mixed parties to be created and won’t match single players with other systems.

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