Twitch streamer introduces her mother to her live stream and immediately regrets her decision

During a recent live stream, Canadian Twitch streamer Holls “Holls8” ended up regretting introducing her mother to her chat.

Holls8 was in the middle of a “just chatting” stream when her mother walked in. The streamer’s mother seemed interested in knowing what her daughter’s Twitch chat thought about her, and repeatedly asked “if she was getting any hits.”

Holls8 initially played along and let her mother read her chat’s messages about her. However, when the streamer’s viewers starting asking for her mother’s “Instagram details,” she immediately asked her mother to leave.

Twitch streamer Holls8’s chat hilariously flirts with her mother leading to an awkward situation

Holls8’s mother walked in during a recent live stream, and wanted to know what her daughter’s chat thought about her. She asked the streamer if she was getting any “hits,” to which Holls8 replied the following:

“Yeah you are getting hits right now look. It says, damn, your mom is hot. Then they are saying hi mom, hi! What else, oh hi ma’am, look how polite.”

However, Holls8’s mother was not happy with being called “ma’am,” and eventually burst into laughter.

The streamer explained that the viewer was only trying to be “polite.”

“I’d hit mom, okay they are being rude, just to make a joke.”

The streamer’s mother was not done yet, and began to pose for her viewers in a slightly suggestive manner. Holls8 asked her to stop, after which she again asked whether she was getting “any more hits” from the Twitch chat. Holls8 responded in the following manner:

“Any more hits? What’s a hit? Someone said “Instagram?” Like they want your Instagram, don’t, don’t, just go inside.”

The streamer’s mother was also called a “hottie” by her Twitch chat, and seemingly did not understand that the viewers were asking for her Instagram details. Regardless, the two could hardly contain their laughter through the entire incident, although Holls8 asked her mother to go inside towards the end.

This was not the first time that the streamer’s mother has featured on her Twitch stream. The streamer currently has no more than 7.6k followers on the platform. She streams a range of games such as COD: Warzone and Resident Evil Village, although most of her streams are of the “Just Chatting” genre.

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