Was Mickie James’ big NWA announcement foreshadowed by Sasha Banks?

The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) recently announced that it will present an all-female wrestling show, and former WWE Superstar Mickie James will produce the event.

Fightful Select broke the news that NWA would be holding an all-women’s pay-per-view on August 28th, and it was confirmed by NWA on its episodic show, NWA Powerrr. The revelation of James’ role as the executive producer excited many fans, but a WWE star indirectly predicted this development.

Just over a week ago, Mercedes Varnardo, also known as former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks tweeted that she dreamt of promoting an all-women’s show, and James responded to the tweet in agreement.

Given the proximity of this interraction to the NWA’s announcement, it’s fair to wonder whether James was hinting at her plans for the event.

Former WWE Superstar Mickie James will act as executive producer for NWA’s own Evolution

WWE Evolution
WWE Evolution

Mickie James has previously stated that she has wanted to be involved with an all-women’s wrestling show, and now she’ll get that chance outside of Vince McMahon’s company.

WWE produced an all-women pay-per-view with the critically acclaimed Evolution, but the promotion hasn’t held another one yet. Mickie James mentioned in the NWA announcement that she’d been “cut off at every opportunity” to produce an all-women show. Presumably, she was talking about her fruitless attempts to develop an all-women’s show in WWE.

Regardless, Mickie James as the executive producer of an all-women pay-per-view for NWA could be considered an exciting step for the entire wrestling industry. She’ll be working with the NWA’s talented roster, which includes stars like Thunder Rosa, Kamille, and Melina, among others. James also teased that she’ll be bringing in new competitors for the event.

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