Who is Lio Rush’s wife, Sarah Lai Wah Green?

Lio Rush was trending earlier today after his shocking announcement about retiring from active competition due to an injury.

The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion received a large number of Google hits in a short period of time with pro-wrestling fans wanting to know more about him. Many of these hits inquired about Sarah Lai Wah Green, Lio Rush’s wife.

Who is Lio Rush’s wife, Sarah Lai Wah Green?

Sarah Lai Wah Green married Lio Rush on December 21, 2018. She has supported Lio Rush through thick and thin and recently wrote a heartfelt message to her husband following his appearance at AEW Double Or Nothing:

Sarah is an entrepreneur and owns a small business. She sells hand-rolled incense and you can check out her product line on her Etsy page. Sarah is seemingly doing pretty well in her business judging by the ratings that her page currently displays. ‘Oh My Goodness By Sarah’ currently has a perfect rating score of 5 stars.

Sarah boasts a pretty decent following on her official Instagram handle and currently has almost 20,000 followers. Many fans may not have been aware of the fact that Sarah and Lio Rush started their own podcast earlier this year. The podcast is called ‘Orange You Glad You Asked A Question? THE PODCAST!’ and currently has four episodes up on its Apple Podcasts page. The couple hasn’t uploaded a new episode since February 17, 2021.

Lio Rush and Sarah welcomed their first child together, named Milo, on February 21, 2021. Sarah wrote a heartfelt post to her fans during her pregnancy and shared the struggles that came with the same:

I am so lucky to have two wonderful step sons, but this is my first pregnancy, I know not everyone is the same, but my experience has been raw, uncomfortable, and humanizing. It is through these discomforts that I have begun to feel powerful as a woman and proud to have endured. Don’t believe the bulls**t, don’t let anyone make you feel the unfair burden of modesty, it’s not always “pretty”, but we are human and that is beautiful.

Lio Rush has two sons named Dakari and Dakai from a previous relationship. Rush wrote an emotional post about his retirement on his official Instagram page and opened up about thinking about what he wants for his wife and his kids. You can read the entire post above.

Sarah hasn’t broken her silence in regards to Lio Rush’s announcement yet. We at Sportskeeda wish the happy couple the very best for their future.

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