xQc reveals he’s having the time of his life in the new public GTA RP lobby

Felix xQc Lengyel is one of the most notorious streamers on the internet and set a seal on it by receiving a permanent ban from the NoPixel GTA RP server.

The Canadian streamer hasn’t gotten along with other streamers, considering his antics on OfflineTV’s Rust server ultimately led to a split.

Nonetheless, recent reports suggest that the variety streamer has attained a new home and has found solace in a public server, claiming it’s much “more fun” than before.

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After being banned from the NoPixel GTA RP, he stated that he was waiting for a new public server to come online. The reason behind this move was to stay clear of any bans.

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His recent stream is a testament to the fact that the xQc is having the time of his life. Interestingly, he also lashed out at others who were trying to prevent roleplayers from having fun.

He said:

“Here’s my take… I think the second server is way funner, a crazy amount of fun. I really don’t give a f*** what people think.”

The new server has several perks. Firstly, it’s open to everyone, implying it has greater accessibility and better reach than NoPixel.

Secondly, the rules aren’t as rigid, making it a perfect platform for troublemakers like xQc.

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However, critics suggest that a server like this doesn’t have legs to stand on and might not provide an authentic RP experience. The former Overwatch pro was quick to put an end to such comments and said:

“A lot of people are being gatekeepers. They want to be like ‘ah dude, it’s not real RP, it’s just sh** lore, people are gonna move on,’ but I don’t want people to care so much.”

Sykkuno gets along with xQc

Sykkuno revealed that after the QC’s third ban from the server, the variety streamer has always been nice to him, implying confusion over why other streamers have a problem with xQc.

Naturally, he has also stated on several occasions that NoPixel needs xQc to sustain viewership, which has been on the decline since his permanent ban.

Sykkuno recently celebrated his 29th birthday and said that he received a rather interesting message from the Canadian streamer. He also claimed that xQc isn’t toxic and doesn’t understand why people treat him differently.

No doubt that it’s an unusual friendship, considering the difference in personalities, but it’s good to see two popular streamers getting along.

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