5 best Free Fire characters for the Factory Challenge in June 2021

The Factory Challenge is a popular custom room challenge in Free Fire where players must engage in a one-on-one battle on the Factory roof on the Bermuda map, using just their fists or melee weapons.

In the Factory Challenge, players can choose any Free Fire character to have the fistfight but the right characters will prove invaluable in this challenge.

Thus, this article covers some of Free Fire’s most powerful characters for the Factory Challenge in June 2021.

Most potent Free Fire characters for the Factory Challenge

#1 – Kla

Kla in Free Fire
Kla in Free Fire

Kla is undoubtedly the most potent Factory Challenge character. Kla’s ability is ideal for fistfights because players can only use fists and melee weapons in this challenge.

He has a passive ability called Muay Thai, which increases fist damage by 100% at its base level (level 1).

Hence, using Kla, players can knock down enemies in just a single blow.

#2 – DJ Alok

DJ Alok in Free Fire
DJ Alok in Free Fire

DJ Alok possesses an active ability called Drop The Beat. It generates a 5 meter aura that improves ally movement speed by 10% and restores 5 HP/s in 5 seconds.

His healing ability and increased movement pace are advantageous during fistfights.

#3 – K (Captain Booyah)

K’s active ability, Master of All, provides players 50 EP. When in jiu-jitsu mode, allies within a 6 meter radius can gain a 500% increase in EP conversion rate.

In psychological mode, the character recovers 2 EP every three seconds, up to 100 EP. The mode switch takes three seconds to complete.

The psychological mode of K is beneficial for this challenge because players gain extra EPs during fistfights, giving them an HP advantage over opponents.

#4 – Elite Hayato

Hayato Firebrand in Free Fire
Hayato Firebrand in Free Fire

Hayato has the passive ability called Bushido. He can be upgraded to the elite version known as Hayato Firebrand, with an ability known as Art of Blades.

At its default level, Hayato Firebrand maintains his primary ability Bushido, and reduces frontal damage by 1% with every 10% of HP lost.

This skill is beneficial for players as it allows them to minimize the damage taken from opponents during fistfights.

#5 – Kelly

Kelly’s skill Dash is suitable for the Factory Challenge. It increases the player’s sprinting speed by 1%. Her skills level up when she is upgraded with universal fragments.

Kelly’s ability helps players to have a speed advantage which will help them to dodge enemy attacks.

Disclaimer: This list is not in any specific order or ranking and only represents the writer’s own opinions.

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