Animal Crossing player creates Stardew Valley crossover

Animal Crossing has become a smash hit for Nintendo. It has become one of their best-selling units and has arguably the most famous players. Much of this is because of the game’s unique ability to mirror real life while also giving players a break from reality, so to speak.

The game allows players to mirror their lives in houses, with the outfits, and more. This ability also gives players the option to replicate the game in real life. But what if players wanted to replicate another game in Animal Crossing?

Well, it’s certainly doable. Animal Crossing allows players to be creative and do whatever they want on their island. Players have made all sorts of islands replicating things they love. One player did it for Stardew Valley.

Animal Crossing x Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is another immensely popular title on the Nintendo Switch. Stardew Valley is similar to Animal Crossing, making the crossover an unsurprising addition to the game. Stardew Valley is considered a simulation role-playing video game, and Animal Crossing is a social simulator.

There are similarities. Both games, ironically, have a 4.8 aggregate review on Google, though Animal Crossing has a lot more reviews. Players seem to love these games, and many players have poured hours into both games.

Others can’t decide which game to play more.

One player decided to combine both of them into one. Reddit user acnh_kaylee posted a video of her island on Reddit that has received 3.5 thousand upvotes at the time of writing. Several commenters were wowed and couldn’t wait to visit the island themselves. One even commented about the games being their two favorites.

It’s safe to say that while these games are similar, they’re both equally as popular, and players seem to love both of them. Stardew Valley, however, is not a Nintendo title and is available to players who don’t have a Nintendo console, whereas Animal Crossing is a Nintendo exclusive.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Image via Nintendo
Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Image via Nintendo

For Nintendo players, both are available, making it easy to play. For others, though, Stardew Valley seems close enough.

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