US president Joe Biden and other G7 leaders in Covid-19 vaccine drive to immunise 80pc of world’s population 

US President Joe Biden is preparing to join other Group of Seven leaders in a campaign to end the pandemic by distributing shots worldwide.

he group will pledge to deliver at least 1 billion extra doses of vaccines over the next year to help cover 80pc of the world’s adult population, according to a draft communique.

The US plans to buy 500 million doses of Pfizer Inc.’s coronavirus shots to share internationally.

Meanwhile, the European has parliament approved vaccine passports, a key step toward easing travel across the European Union. In the UK, cases rose the most since February amid a surge fuelled by the delta variant first identified in India.

India reported a record daily Covid-19 death toll of 6,148, after a state revised its tally. Australia extended its emergency period by three more months.

And China has green-lighted another inactivated Covid-19 shot for emergency use as the world’s most populous country aims to speed up inoculations.

Meanwhile, Biden has warned Boris Johnson and the UK government about ‘inflaming’ tensions in Ireland and the EU amid the fallout from Brexit.

In a meeting with Britain’s Brexit minister David Frost, America’s most senior diplomat Yael Lempert said she was told to issue the UK government with a demarche, a diplomatic communication that is not typically exchanged between allied countries.

The revelations, reported by the London Times come from UK government minutes, and follow recent failed discussions between Mr Frost and the European Commission’s vice president Maroš Šefčovič.

The UK government was briefed on June 3 over President Biden’s “growing concern” about Brexit and Northern Ireland.

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