Fortnite could be getting rid of Coral Castle

According to leaks, Fortnite is finally removing Coral Castle.

Data miner HYPEX has broken the news that Coral Castle will get destroyed at some point during Chapter 2 Season 7. Coral Castle has not been around long, as it was only added to Fortnite in Chapter 2 Season 3. While some fans are unhappy with the impending loss of the POI, others are looking forward to it.

The reaction on Twitter seems to be quite mixed regarding Coral Castle’s leaked fate.

Coral Castle. Image via Newsweek
Coral Castle. Image via Newsweek

Fortnite often removes POIs or renames them to go along with a change in keeping with whatever theme is currently dominating the storyline. This time, it appears Coral Castle may be destroyed by the mothership that is currently hovering over the Fortnite island.

Coral Castle. Image via Fortnite Wiki
Coral Castle. Image via Fortnite Wiki

Fortnite removing Coral Castle

So, as HYPEX has discovered, Coral Castle’s days are numbered. According to Mang0e, the details have already been implemented for its eventual replacement.

Craters, which Fortnite has used before, may be what Coral Castle is turned into. If meteors or alien blasts from the mothership target and destroy Coral Castle, the wreckage would likely leave a crater-like impact behind. It also seems as if the crater has “spectral values” as Mang0e puts it, giving further credibility to the idea that Coral Castle will be destroyed by something not of this world.

Coral Castle has been the subject of a lot of hate from players, so it’s no surprise that if any locations are to be destroyed or removed, it’s this one. However, the reaction to this news has several players quite angry.

According to ShiinaBR, Coral Castle is incredibly popular, and to some, this comes as a surprise. Nevertheless, it seems that Fortnite is moving ahead with removing Coral Castle. Coral Castle was rumored to be removed long ago, when some players noticed it missing from a trailer.

Raiding an artifact from Coral Castle. Image via Forbes
Raiding an artifact from Coral Castle. Image via Forbes

There is a challenge to find artifacts, and it includes Coral Castle, so players should prioritize that as Coral Castle is on a countdown now.

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