Astra Academy crowned PMPL South Asia Championship champions 

The PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia Championship concluded today. Apart from winning the trophy, the Mongolian squad Astra Academy(2A) took home more than 40,000 USD in prize money.

2A grabbed a total of five chicken dinners and accumulated a whopping 295 points with 118 kills. Zeus Esports tried to bridge the points gap on the final day but failed to do so, but they bagged the second spot with 132 kills and 245 points. The third place was won by a Nepali team, DRS Gaming, who had 223 points.

2A Action bagged the finals MVP title with a total of 51 kills and an average survival time of 21 minutes and seven seconds. Also, he will be rewarded with 2,000 USD.

PMPL SA Championship Day 4 match standings

PMPL South Asia Championship overall standings
PMPL South Asia Championship overall standings

The first match, played on the classic map of Erangel, was won by Trained to Kill with 11 frags. Zeus Esports played aggressively to secure second place with 13 frags in which Zyoll alone took six frags.

PMPL South Asia Championship overall standings
PMPL South Asia Championship overall standings

High Voltage won the second match played on Miramar with nine frags. LIT Esports secured second place with eight frags. Skylightz Gaming was eliminated early but managed to grab nine kill points.

INV Esports claimed the third match played on Sanhok with nine kills. They were followed by Stalwart Esports with 11 kills where Crypto took four frags.

The fourth match, again played on Erangel, was won by Deadeyes Guys with a whopping 14 kills, as their star fragger Shifu eliminated four enemies to lobby.

The fifth match was won by Apes Inc with 10 frags, followed by Zeus Esports with six frags. LIT Esports was eliminated early but still managed to grab nine frags.

Zeus Esports dropped at Astra Academy’s drop location in the sixth and final match but were eliminated in a 4v4 fight. The match was won by LIT Esports with 12 frags. Astra Academy, despite losing two players early, managed to grab second place with eight kills.

Top 5 Kill Leaders of the PMPL South Asia Championship:

1. 2A Action- 51 kills

2. STE Crypto- 40 kills

3. Zeus Zyoll- 39 kills

4. Zeus ICY- 37 kills

5. 2A TOP- 35 kills

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