Starfield release date set for November 2022, will be PC and Xbox exclusive

Bethesda returns to prominence in gaming buzz with the release date announcement of their upcoming title Starfield, a sci-fi epic that stands in stark contrast to the company’s previous AAA titles.

Leaking ahead of E3’s Microsoft press showcase, Starfield’s trailer is two minutes and 20 seconds long. It showcases alien planets and space vistas that stand apart from previous Bethesda titles stemming from franchises such as The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Starfield’s aesthetic itself appears reminiscent of 1960’s era space technology, likely drawing inspiration from the same era of space exploration as The Outer Worlds once did.

Starfield: What we’ve learned from the E3 trailer

Image via Bethesda Game Studios
Image via Bethesda Game Studios

Originally announced at E3 2018 as the first original Bethesda Game Studios property in over 20 years (The Elder Scrolls began in 1994, and Fallout was originally owned and created by Interplay Entertainment), talk surrounding Starfield has been relatively quiet. Current trailer information is scant on gameplay, but that is to be expected as Starfield is now slated to release in November 2022. Given the timeframe, there is likely plenty of production and development work to be done on Starfield.

But what do we know from the trailers themselves?

The recent trailer gave players deeper insights into Starfield’s story. It begins on a planet that certainly seems alien by all accounts, and centers on a spacefaring vessel known as the Constellation. The Constellation definitely has a retro feel, very reminiscent of science fiction of bygone decades and even some assets similar to real-life space shuttle technology. Certain technology relates back to sci-fi of the 60’s, while other gadgets appear more modern, such as an LED-lit table. More still, much of the metal work almost gives itself a 1980’s Alien shape in the vein of the iconic Nostromo.

It is difficult to glean Bethesda’s art and story direction too much from the short trailers, but the narration of the game’s E3 2021 trailer leaves no secret as to what players can expect with regards to exploration. The narrator explains that as part of Constellation’s “family,” you have found the “key to unlocking everything.” As part of humanity’s venturing into the “field of stars,” players can expect to explore the cosmos and witness what is out in the vast reaches of space.

While we don’t know what form gameplay will take as of yet, there is no doubt that the exploration of mankind’s final frontier will be a paramount part of Starfield’s narrative and its core themes.

Starfield will be available in November 2022 on the Xbox Series X|S and Windows PCs.

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