Kenny Omega on AEW opening the forbidden door

While there are obvious limits to working with other wrestling companies, Kenny Omega wants to make the world of professional wrestling a better place for him and everyone else.

Speaking to PWI Podcast, Kenny Omega revealed that he thinks the “forbidden door” might not have ever opened between AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling if not for the worldwide pandemic we find ourselves in. But even with multiple companies working with AEW right now, Omega knows that there will always be limits to what they can do.

“I think there will always be limits,” Kenny Omega said. “There will always be lines that you cannot cross. But I believe that there is a world, right place, right time, when you can see every company working together. And I don’t necessarily mean every company. I just mean if another wanted to work with another company, I think they’d be open to the idea. And I think again, this is a terrible thing to say, one of the reasons the Forbidden Door, quote unquote, was opened with New Japan, it was partly due to what we’re all struggling with right now, which is a pandemic.”

Kenny Omega wants to do something positive for the world of professional wrestling

Kenny Omega believes that not only AEW, but IMPACT, New Japan, and others were all struggling due to the same thing, that it opened other wrestling company’s eyes to the fact that we are all living in the same world.

“For us to take a step back and stop worrying about our own stuff and see what kind of world we’re all living in,” Kenny Omega contined. “It’s the same world. And how we need to set aside petty differences, how we need to set aside just age old tropes of ‘this is my company and my territory and stay the heck out. There’s no way we can ever play nice and cross paths.’ I think it was great that now people are realizing we’re all struggling in the same way. We’re all facing the same hardships. This is the same planet and a lot of us are sharing the same fans.”

Kenny Omega said while professional wrestling is minor in the grand scheme of things, if they can work together to produce something positive for the world, then it’s something they should do.

“So why not make the world a bit of a better place as best as we can for what we do, which is something very minor in the grand scheme of things, which is just professional wrestling? We’re not as important as a lot of us think we are,” Kenny Omega continued. “But if we can contribute in some kind of positive way with what we do and what we’re good at, we need to take the motion to do that. That’s always been my approach.”

Have you enjoyed Kenny Omega and AEW working with other wrestling companies over the past year? What more would you like to see from these partnerships in the future? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription of this podcast.

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