Daniel Cormier thinks the ‘only winner’ at UFC 263 was someone who lost their actual fight

Daniel Cormier has given his take on Nate Diaz’s return at UFC 263.

The former UFC heavyweight champion initially thought Diaz was in over his head when he accepted the fight against Leon Edwards.

During the recent episode of DC & Helwani, Cormier claimed that although Diaz might’ve lost on Saturday night in terms of the official result, the real winner of the night was the ‘West Coast Gangster’ himself.

DC believes Diaz’s performance on the night got people talking once again and the fans are going to respect him a lot more than they already did.

But Cormier also added that the situation is sad for someone like Leon Edwards, who should be looking forward to a title fight now.

“I thought he was in over his head. I thought, why fight Leon Edwards when you just coming back? But, he lost Saturday night, in terms of his record but the only person that left that arena with a win was Diaz. Because now people are gonna respect him even more and that’s so sad for Leon because the guy really should be looking at a title fight right now.” Daniel Cormier said.

Daniel Cormier also revealed that he was excited during the final stages of Nate Diaz vs. Leon Edwards

While speaking on the topic, Daniel Cormier claimed that he was excited for the incredible ending to the Nate Diaz vs. Leon Edwards fight, much like everyone else was.

DC spoke about how Diaz could lose fights but it’s moments such as his final round flurry that continue to allow the Stockton star to lose fights and still stay exactly where he is.

At UFC 263, Diaz was dominated by Edwards throughout virtually the entire fight.

However, in the final few seconds of the bout, Diaz caught ‘Rocky’ with a brutal left-hand shot and almost slept him.

Instead of choosing to finish the fight, Nate Diaz decided to taunt his opponent and mock him.

In the post-fight press conference, Diaz even added that in a street fight that shot would’ve led to a wrap for Edwards, and he would’ve walked out the winner.

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