Corinna Kopf trolls fans with a free link to her leaked OnlyFans pictures 

Amidst the furor of being labeled a ‘scammer’ over her recent OF content, social media star Corinna Kopf decided to troll her detractors with a classic bait-and-switch move on Twitter.

The 25-year-old Instagram model and online personality recently created a massive stir online after announcing the launch of her own OF account.

Within moments of her announcement, a mad rush ensued online, with scores of fans scrambling to subscribe to her account in the hopes of gaining access to premium content.

However, large sections of the online community were left disappointed. They claimed she was merely circulating her Instagram pictures on OF and was duping subscribers in a bid to capitalize on the initial rush.

With that in mind, Corinna Kopf recently took to Twitter to presumably take a dig at the online skeptics. She shared the following tongue-in cheek tweet:

However, upon clicking on the free link, users realized that it was nothing but a massive troll on her part as they ended up being redirected to a page with text that reads:

Her trick succeeded in conning several unsuspecting users, with a flurry of “I’m down so bad for Corinna Kopf” tweets now taking over Twitter.

Corinna Kopf continues to trend online thanks to her OnlyFans

Initially a prominent face in David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad, Corinna Kopf recently ventured into the OF realm with the launch of her own exclusive account.

In a recent vlog which marked Dobrik’s return to YouTube, Kopf spilled the beans on her whopping earnings from OF in a span of just 48 hours. Her decision to dabble in both lifestyle and OF content is certainly reaping rich dividends.

Having set the cash registers ringing, Corinna Kopf’s career trajectory seems to be in the midst of a prolonged purple patch at the moment.

Despite leaving the majority of the internet disappointed with her OF content so far, she certainly seems to have successfully countered all the criticism against her.

Having developed an uncanny knack for going viral across social media, it now remains to be seen what’s next for Corinna Kopf.

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