Free UMP Wilderness Hunter reward

Many of the Free Fire players that cannot purchase diamonds, an in-game currency, rely on the redeem code released by developers to obtain premium items. These are released during esports live streams and on the game’s official handles when a specific milestone has been achieved.

Since most of the codes are valid only for a given time frame and must be used quickly, it becomes tough for players to follow all these sources to stay updated.

Here is the latest Free Fire redeem code for the gun skin.

Free Fire redeem code for today (June 21st)

Redeem code: W0JJAFV3TU5E

Reward: UMP Wilderness Hunter (7d)

Code expires on June 21st, 2021, at 12:30 PM IST (GMT +5:30). Once the threshold is crossed, the code will become invalid and cannot be used, as an error message will pop up.

There is a restriction that only players on the Indian server can use this code. Any attempts by users from outside the given server will result in an error message which states that this code cannot be used in your region.

In both of these cases, there is no possible workaround for players. They can only wait for the new code to be released.

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How to use Free Fire redeem code to obtain UMP gun skin?

Here are the steps that players can follow to acquire gun skin through redeem codes:

Step 1: Using this link, they can visit the Rewards Redemption Site, via which players can redeem the code.

Step 2: Users need to sign in to the website using the social media account that is associated with their account.

Guest users do not have the option to obtain rewards via a redemption code, so they can link their ID to one of these options:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • VK
  • Twitter
  • Apple ID
  • Huawei ID
Enter the code provided above in the text field.
Enter the code provided above in the text field.

Step 3: After players log in to their IDs, they must enter the redeem code and press confirm.

Step 4: Once the code is redeemed successfully, the rewards will be delivered within 24 hours. Players can now retrieve items from their in-game mail.

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