Who are Van Jones and Jose Andres? All about the duo set to receive $100 million each from Jeff Bezos

In a new philanthropic initiative from Jeff Bezos, Van Jones and Jose Andres both received $100 million to give to a charity of their choice. The money has no strings attached and appears to be the first of several donations like it.

The philanthropic initiative from Jeff Bezos is being called the Courage and Civility award, which aims to give civil leaders access to money that will help with further charity work around the globe.

Jeff Bezos made the announcement as he returned from his trip to space, which was done by Blue Origin, the company that he founded around spaceflight and aerospace manufacturing. One of their own spacecrafts was used to complete the day-long trip.

Van Jones and Jose Andres were both chosen for their respective charity work. Van Jones founded his own criminal justice reform organization called Dream Corps.

Jose Andres is working on curbing world hunger with his own organization called World Central Kitchen. It also helps with areas that have been hit by natural disasters and need food relief.

Before Jeff Bezos took his own flight into space, he acknowledged the criticism that he and other Space Tycoons receive for spending billions on space exploration or the idea of space tourism.

His new philanthropic initiatives are apparently set in place to continue helping with problems that persist on Earth. Funding Van Jones and Jose Andres is part of that initiative.

Why Jeff Bezos chose Van Jones and Jose Andres

Many may be wondering why exactly Jeff Bezos chose these two men to kick off his courage and civility award that will receive so much money.

Well, Van Jones is known as a political commentator and a host at CNN, where he has been for quite a while. His full name is Anthony Kapel Jones and he is 52. years old.

In his own time, he has found ways to be involved in other television programs, book deals, and various non-profit organizations. It’s one of the main reasons he was selected.

The other recipient is Jose Andres who is a chef, but he is known for much more than that. Like Van Jones, he is a New York Times best seller, as well as a founder of non-profit organizations.

He has been placed on the list of the 100 most influential people on two separate occasions thanks to his culinary work around the globe.

He has plenty of awards to backup his culinary experience and he started it all in Spain while becoming a naturalized citizen in the United States.

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