5 Reasons why CM Punk is likely to choose AEW over WWE 

Listen, CM Punk has himself been quite outspoken about potentially returning to the ring if the amount is right. The rumors have intensified thanks to a report that has emerged from Fightful Select (kudos to Sean Ross Sapp for his exceptional work).

All the signs point to him choosing AEW over WWE at this point and it makes a whole lot of sense. We shall explain why in this article.

As always, feel free to weigh in when it comes to CM Punk’s comeback in the comments section below. Do you think that he should come back to WWE or is AEW a far better destination for The Best in the World?

#5 CM Punk may still have bad blood with WWE at this point

CM Punk was fired on his wedding day. These are not wounds that heal easily and there may still be bad blood. Do you remember how he made it a point, back when he was a backstage analyst for FOX to state that he wasn’t directly affiliated with WWE?

Yes, this real-life animosity lends itself to great storylines and feuds, but is it a conducive environment to do business? CM Punk may feel that it makes far more sense to make a fresh start with Tony Khan and the whole host of EVPs at AEW. Especially if you consider that they have a brand new television program coming up.

There have been many instances of bridges being mended in the past when it comes to Vince McMahon. Be it The Ultimate Warrior or Bruno Sammartino, everyone has put aside the hurts of the past in the interest of doing business with one another. Whether CM Punk can move past the animosity that very likely does exist remains to be seen.

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