Is Bryce Hall bisexual? Fans speculate after TikTok star is spotted kissing yet another guy

Bryce Hall was recently spotted kissing Tana Mongeau’s friend, Ari Aguirre, outside a nightclub. In a photo shared on Instagram by defnoodles, the two stood behind Mongeau and shared a kiss. This has since led to speculation about the TikTok star’s sexuality once again.

The question of whether Bryce Hall was bisexual was brought up previously when photos of him and Mikey Barone acting intimately towards one another began circulating. According to multiple sources, the two were very close back in 2015 and claimed the combined name “Brikey” during their time together.

Neither Bryce Hall nor Mikey Barone confirmed they were in a relationship, and many netizens believed they had a close friendship.

Most recently, Bryce Hall uploaded a now-deleted YouTube video where he kissed fellow friends. However, the clip was not well-received among fans. The 21-year-old stated that he kissed ten of his friends for the video, only to delete it afterward, saying:

“I’m never doing it again, ’cause obviously it doesn’t get views.”

Fans react to Bryce Hall kissing Ari Aguirre

The photo of the two was met with many fans speculating about the TikTok sensation’s sexuality. Some users between Instagram and Twitter praised Bryce Hall for exploring his sexuality, while others were more negative in response.

One user commented:

“If [he] is bisexual, I’m here for it, but if he’s not, boy is a COVID medium.”

Another said:

“That looks genuinely fruity.”

A third portion of users, explicitly on Twitter, has stated that Bryce Hall is “queerbaiting” for attention.

Queerbaiting is a media term suggesting two same-sex characters sharing an intimate relationship as friends to keep many LGBT fans invested. The term queerbaiting has recently been vilified for use involving real people.

Tana Mongeau also commented on the photo but was met with many more replies about the situation not being about her. One user said:

“Didn’t see that coming.”

Another user commented:

“Can’t take him anywhere.”

Overwhelmingly, many users called the interaction between the two men “hot.”

Since the photo surfaced, Bryce Hall has not made any comments regarding his sexuality. Ari Aguirre has not said anything about the situation as well.

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