Trisha Paytas set to be the first guest on Tana Mongeau’s “Cancelled” podcast 

Tana Mongeau recently shared a video on her Instagram story featuring fellow YouTuber Trisha Paytas on the set of her new podcast titled Cancelled. In the video, Tana Mongeau and Trisha Paytas joked about the podcast getting canceled before it could air while sharing their lunch. Mongeau also mentioned taking photos with Paytas for their OF website.

Mongeau also shared Hunter Moreno’s post of him on the Cancelled set to her Instagram story, along with Brook Schofield’s visit to the podcast.

The minute-long story was reposted to Instagram by user defnoodles and was met with over one thousand views at the time of the article, along with over 120 likes.

One user under the Instagram post commented that Trisha Paytas and Tana Mongeau were “made for each other.”

A second user said:

“Birds of a feather.”

Another user stated that Trisha Paytas would have one of their episodes “where [they] call Tana vile, evil, [and the] most disgusting person ever.”

Another user said the pair were “Britney Spears and Mariah Carey if they were poor.”

Tana Mongeau’s collaboration with Trisha Paytas

Tana Mongeau previously announced Trisha Paytas’ guest appearance on her Twitter account as well. This was in response to Trisha Paytas sharing their appreciation for being invited onto the Cancelled podcast.

Netizens shared their excitement for the upcoming podcast. Many users began comparing it to Trisha Paytas’ former Frenemies podcast, stating that it “would be way crazier.” Others commented that Paytas could be Mongeau’s new co-host.

A smaller group of users commented on Paytas and Mongeau previously not liking one another. This was stated due to Paytas formerly dating Jason Nash and David Dobrik commenting on whether the couple would have a threesome with Mongeau.

Overall, many users were wondering when the pilot podcast episode would be available.

Trisha Paytas’ initial tweet gained over two thousand likes at the time of the article. Tana Mongeau’s quote tweet also gained the same amount of likes. Neither Mongeau nor Paytas has commented further on the possible subjects in the pilot episode of Cancelled.

Mongeau has not announced the release date for the podcast at this time.

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