Top 5 hidden mobs in Minecraft

There are over 70 mobs in Minecraft. Some of them are extremely common while others are incredibly rare.

Each Minecraft mob exists for a unique purpose. In some cases, mobs will be harder to locate for specific reasons. It can be quite interesting to interact with a Minecraft mob that is not always common to come by.

Some mobs are so hidden away that not every Minecraft player knows about them. Here are some of the most intriguing Minecraft mobs that frequently go unseen in-game.

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Interesting mobs that are not often seen in Minecraft

#5 – Vex

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

Vexes are ghostly hostile mobs that are only found when summoned by evokers, a type of pillager mob. Vexes will only spawn under certain circumstances, like when an evoker is aggravated toward a player, so these mobs are not often seen in-game.

Vexes do not really offer any benefits to Minecraft gamers. In fact, they can be quite detrimental. Vexes are highly powerful and can inflict a lot of damage to players.

Despite their negatives, vexes are unique and interesting Minecraft mobs that gamers do not often interact with.

#4 – Phantom

Image via Minecraft Wiki
Image via Minecraft Wiki

Phantoms are terrifying mobs that will only appear when a player does not sleep in-game for multiple nights in a row. Although, when they do appear, they are hard to miss.

These flying mobs roam the sky and swoop down to attack sleep deprived players. These mobs are quite large, but they still stay hidden if Minecraft players choose to sleep during the nights.

Phantoms can be helpful to players who wish to make potions as the phantom membranes that these mobs drop can be used as valuable ingredients.

#3 – Wandering Trader

Image via Minecraft Wiki
Image via Minecraft Wiki

Wandering traders are villager mobs that will sometimes quite literally hide themselves with invisibility. Not only will they appear hidden, wandering traders are not always common to come by and only appear on occasion.

However, wandering traders can typically be identified by their attached llamas even when invisible. These mobs can offer awesome trades to Minecraft players if they’re able to spot them.

#2 – Snow Golem

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Snow golems are one of the lesser known Minecraft mobs. This might be in part because snow golems do not naturally spawn in generated worlds, but rather they must be crafted manually by players.

Similar to their counterpart iron golems, snow golems can help players defend against hostile mobs by shooting snowballs at incoming monsters. However, snow golems will not survive in biomes with hot climates.

#1 – Skeleton Horse

Image via Minecraft Wiki
Image via Minecraft Wiki

One of the rarest mobs in Minecraft is the skeleton horse. These unique mobs will only spawn when lightning strikes during a thunderstorm, but even that is an incredibly uncommon occurrence.

These mobs are practical as they can be ridden like any other horse, donkey, or mule in Minecraft. Their rarity makes them all the more impressive, so many Minecraft players love to show off their skeleton horses when they are able to find one.

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