Pfizer and Moderna increase price of Covid vaccines in latest EU deal

knowhowPfizer and Moderna have increased the prices of their Covid-19 vaccines in the latest supply contracts with the European Union, the Financial Times has reported.

he price rises come as the bloc deals with supply disruptions and side-effect concerns from other shots, the FT said. The terms of the deals – struck this year and covering up to 2.1 billion shots until 2023 – were renegotiated after Phase 3 clinical trial data showed vaccines from the two companies are more effective than some rivals, it said.

The new price for a Pfizer shot is €19.50, up from €15.50 previously, the newspaper said, citing portions of contracts it had seen. A Moderna jab increases to $25.50 (€21.49) a dose, it said.

Pfizer declined to comment to the FT on pricing. Moderna did not respond to the FT’s request for comment on EU pricing.

It comes after campaigners claimed the EU had overpaid for its supplies of Covid-19 vaccines by almost €33bn and the global vaccination drive could happen much faster if the pharma companies agreed to share their knowhow.

An analysis by the Global People’s Vaccine Alliance claimed the EU paid €1.96bn over the odds for the Moderna vaccine and overpaid as much as €31bn for Pfizer/BioNTech.

Pfizer/BioNTech is charging its lowest reported price of $6.75 (€5.70) to the African Union – but that is nearly six times the estimated production cost of this vaccine, it claims.

The alliance said global vaccine access could be achieved five times faster if “pharmaceutical companies weren’t profiteering from their monopolies on vaccines”.

The alliance said its analysis showed the leading mRNA-type vaccines could be made for as little as $1.20 (€1.01) a dose.

“Yet Covax, the scheme set up to help countries get access to Covid vaccines, has been paying, on average, nearly five times more,” the alliance said in a statement.

A spokesperson for Pfizer said: “Pfizer is firmly committed to work towards equitable and affordable access for Covid-19 vaccines for people around the world.”

It said it has agreements worldwide, including the Covax programme, to provide vaccines regardless of income levels and has pledged 2billion doses to low- and middle-income countries in 2021 and 2022, including 500m doses at not-for-profit prices.

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