How to get experience in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock

On Hypixel’s Minecraft Skyblock server, experience is just as essential to players as it was in the original game, maybe even more so.

Experience in Hypixel Skyblock goes the extra mile, providing players with new crafting blueprints and access to new areas. Because of this, the server’s dedicated fanbase has found plenty of ways to quickly get a lot of XP and unlock the custom content or areas they desire.

With so many effective methods when it comes to earning XP, picking ones to focus on, especially for new players, can be tricky. Fortunately, the Hypixel community is helpful enough to provide plenty of tips.

Minecraft: Earning quick XP in Hypixel Skyblock

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

Thanks to Hypixel adding custom Minecraft mobs such as minions, there are ways to both passively and actively increase XP for many of the server’s skills. There are quite a few Hypixel skills to level up, such as:

  • Farming
  • Fishing
  • Dungeoneering
  • Combat
  • Enchanting
  • Alchemy
  • Taming
  • Mining
  • Foraging

With so many skills, it will take time to upgrade all of them. Additionally, skill levels become exceptionally harder to gain after reaching around Level 40 in each.

However, by continuing to invest time and effort, Minecraft players can still increase their skill average by leaps and bounds. Below is a compiled list of some great ways to increase XP in each category:

  • Farming – Begin by acquiring Rancher Boots so you can change your speed to 327. Create a standard Sugar Cane farm and aim into the cane fields at a roughly 45-degree angle. Then proceed to run through the farm and harvest the Sugar Cane. The longer a player’s rows of Sugar Cane are, the more XP they’ll receive in farming during harvesting. This is further assisted for players who have the Rabbit Pet. For exceptional XP gain over time passively, players can use fully-upgraded Melon Minions that are fueled by Catalysts.
  • Mining – After acquiring a Silver Fish or Mining Golem Pet, commissions in the Dwarven Mines area are a fantastic way to earn Mining XP for Minecraft players. Additionally, using Sorrow Armor and the Seasoned Mineman perk from the Heart of the Mountain skill tree will boost this XP gain even more. Efficient Miner and Mining Speed are also great perks to improve for pure volume. For passive Mining XP, Minecraft players can try using Snow Minions upgraded with Diamond Spreading and Enchanted Lava Buckets to fuel them. Using a Refined Stonk and Silver Fish pet during collection from Snow Minions should net plenty of XP.
  • Combat – Returning to the Dwarven Mines, Minecraft players can use a Soul Whip to kill Sorrows. They will need to have some beefy armor, however, so be careful before undertaking this method. Considering the Soul Whip’s price, players may opt to kill the Sorrows with other weapons. However, the Soul Whip provides the best bang for a player’s buck despite being expensive.
  • Foraging With a Monkey Pet equipped, players can equip the Treecapitator and head to the Dark Thicket and cut down Dark Oak trees. The Monkey and Treecapitator will allow players to take down the trees in droves in quick fashion.
  • Fishing – Using Shark Scale Armor and a Fishing Rod of the Sea for their benefits, Minecraft players can head to the Town Center and grab an Auto Pet Rules 2-pack. Create a rule that says “on throw fishing hook, equip Dolphin Pet.” Create a second rule that states “when you enter combat, equip Squid Pet.” Once that’s finished, all players need to do is head to the Spider’s Den or The Barn and fish away.
  • Enchanting – With an Epic quality Guardian Pet or better, enchanting doesn’t take much to increase for Minecraft players on Hypixel’s server. Adding an Enchanting XP potion and/or Grand Experience Bottles will expedite the process. After applying these, simply place an Experimentation Table and play through the minigames.
  • Alchemy – For the moment, buy a dozen or so stacks of Enchanted Sugar Cane and place them into brewing stands that have already brewed Awkward Potions. Activate XP boost items while collecting the potions from the brewing stands.
  • Taming – Back at the Dwarven Mines, Minecraft players can take a Mining Golem and just mine for resources. This is similar to the method to build Mining XP but it can also clear a massive amount of Taming levels in a few days. Also, simply collecting from minions on a player’s Private Island can yield tons of Taming XP with the appropriate pet equipped.
  • Dungeoneering – Dungeoneering XP in general is obtained for progressing through The Catacombs area. Simply grinding through Floor Seven at a quick clip can really provide all the Dungeoneering XP one needs. This is easier said than done, however, as Minecraft players will need an incredibly efficient team in order to clear Floor Seven quickly, especially enough to gain XP efficiently.

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