Jack Brewer trashes new NFL vaccination policy as ‘un-American and socialist’ 

Ex-NFL player Jack Brewer delivered a scathing review of the NFL’s new policies in regards to Covid-19 vaccination in an interview posted on The Daily Wire earlier this week.

“It’s wrong, it’s un-American, and I think it resembles the new NFL that is aligning themselves with socialist movements. I don’t agree with it,” Brewer said.

Jack Brewer attacks NFL Covid rules

Brewer had more to say on the subject.

“I think it’s obviously absurd and it’s grounded in deceit. If this rule or this messaging was grounded in truth, I think the NFL players are mature enough to be able to take that. And I think if you start talking about what it really should be about, and that’s player safety — at the end of the day the league’s focus should be on player safety. Player safety has everything to do with making sure that the players are protected from the virus and that they have proper health care. And the fact is, there has been zero, not a single NFL player, a single professional athlete, has died from the coronavirus. “

The Covid-19 rules under attack from Breyer

The NFL policy Brewer is referring to is the change the league instituted when it said it would assign losses to teams with outbreaks that make it impossible to reschedule games. Brewer is also referring to the older, but still somewhat new, rules allowing vaccinated players more freedom of movement than unvaccinated ones.

Essentially, the NFL’s Covid rules stipulate that NFL players who are vaccinated will essentially return to life pre-2020. There are no more quarantines or restrictions on travel.

On the other hand, unvaccinated players will still be treated like it’s 2020. This means restrictions on travel, quarantine and social distancing. This has frustrated many players, who feel their arms getting twisted by the NFL.

Who is Jack Brewer?

Jack Brewer was a cornerback for the Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles from 2002 through 2005. He played in 40 games and earned 58 tackles. He also caught two interceptions.

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